Is My Website Mobile Friendly?

Why You Need A Mobile Friendly Website


Searches By Mobile Are Increasing And Google Is Taking Notice


Mobile searches have recently overtaken searches on desktop. We are all becoming more mobile and Google has decided that if your website is not set up for mobile search then your site is going to be penalised.

Google first made its intentions known in 2015 in an announcement which led to the term Mobilegeddon


However, the signs are that Google has been implementing changes to non mobile friendly websites slowly; giving company owners time to make the required changes to their websites

But time is now running out


What Effect Can Having A Non Mobile Friendly Site Have On Your Website Rankings?


Google are calling time on websites that are not optimised for mobile. How long it will take before Google implement these changes are not known but one thing is clear – websites that are not mobile friendly are going to lose rankings meaning you lose leads and sales.

If you are currently top of Google and do not have a website that is mobile friendly then you could lose your first page ranking.

Alternatively, if you are sitting outside of the first page of Google it is possible that by optimising your website for mobile you could push your site into the top of the Google rankings.


How Do I Tell If My Site Is Mobile Friendly?


The easiest way to find out if your site is optimised is to check your website using Google’s mobile-friendly test site

Check if your site is optimised for free here


My Site Is Not Set Up For Mobile – What Do I Do Now?


We can optimise your website for mobile. either as part of an overall SEO review or as a stand alone service.

So we can advise you best complete the Discovery form so we can assess your needs and provide you with your free video analysis.